“Why Do Fighters Wrap Their Hands?"

Posted by Giovanni Washington on

Hand wrapping is an essential part of boxing training. Not only does it provide protection against injury while boxing, but it also gives fighters the edge in competition. When done correctly, hand wraps absorb the shock of contact and reduce the potential for tissue damage that can occur when striking hard objects like boxing bags or opponents. This helps to keep your hands safe from cuts and bruises so you can train longer and fight harder.
Wrapping your hands properly also provides support and stability to help prevent common injuries such as sprained wrists or strained tendons. Hand wraps also help keep sweat away from your hands, which can make boxing gloves fit tighter and more securely – meaning less chance of slipping during a fight or training session.
Finally, hand wraps offer an additional layer of protection against knuckle and wrist fractures as they help to disperse energy throughout your boxing gloves more evenly. This helps to protect your hands from direct impacts, such as when you make contact with a boxing bag or opponent.
By investing in good quality hand wraps and taking the time to wrap your hands properly, you can ensure that your boxing training is safe and effective. So, if you want to get the most out of boxing, don’t forget about wrapping up! Use hand wraps for boxing – it could be the difference between winning or losing!

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